The Next Majority is an enterprise data research and analytics company that seeks to develop the world’s most comprehensive repository of open source and proprietary information about communities of color in the United States.

The Next Majority contracts with client enterprises and other organizations to deliver actionable data based upon our rigorous research and analytical processes. Through our research engagements, we will build a cumulative database about communities of color. The Next Majority seeks to create strategic partnerships with media companies, governmental bodies, nonprofit organizations and other enterprises to drive consumer engagement. The Next Majority seeks to automate its data collection and analytical processes through the development of software applications.

We believe there are overlapping (and frequently overlooked) opportunities for targeting diverse communities. The Next Majority helps partners activate these communities with data used to create culturally relevant content and campaigns. The Next Majority model creates increased and ongoing engagement to develop seamless data collection opportunities that provide deeper insights into the retail, lifestyle, behavior and political preferences of its targeted constituent communities.